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If you wanna learn the basics for a webserver, this awesome piece of software written in Delphi will help you a lot.

After several inactivity months, the popular remoting library, AMFPHP, has two new developers involved.
A 1.9 stable version is available and a new 2.0 version is planned.
Changes in new version are:
-Compatible with php5.3 and a new service browser has been completely rewritten.
You can download latest version here.

After some inactivity months here I want to show you my latest creation. It’s a sequencer for
You can try it here allowing you to save , load and publish your creations.

thanks to Andre Michelle and Joa Ebertfor his work with popforge.

Based on this note , Adobe in his fight against Microsoft Silverlight, will publish the specifications of the RTMP protocol in the 1st quarter of 2009.
RTMP is a protocol created by Adobe and used for streaming multimedia and data, between the Flash Player and Flash Media Server.
It had been parcially Reverse engineered and used in some alternatives like Red 5 previously.

Shane McCartney has published a new open sourced tween Engine called Tweensy.

The author claims that it’s faster than the best (for me) tween engine used today: TweenMax
At first sight it looks a bit complex for novice developers. I will experiment a bit with it and then post some src code here.

you can check the Google code space for the project : here
Author entry on his: Blog

Ayer salio un nuevo libro sobre una tematica interesante .. OS Flash.
El nombre del libro es Essential Guide Source Flash Development


i have been waiting this a long time. Alternativa3d Engine is out.

you can read the full notice in the Alternativa’s webpage :

if you wanna go directly to the point , you should check this page :

i’ll be testing the engine this weekend , stay tune.. more news are coming!!

Google has just released an AS3 version of their maps.

it works with Flash and Flex.You just need to import the SWC and write some code to get it working.

get the SWC here


New version of flash player including features like 3d Support, advaced text renderer, Hydra’s effects loader (now Pixel Blender) and the posibility to write local files without using the server.

find more info Here or Here

updated: secocular has written this excellent article!

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